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Taffy: Feed The Kitty

Taffy is one hungry cat. Help him eat as much food as he can but be careful! His arch-nemesis, Bentley the dog, will do everything he can to make the job more difficult.
Based on the slapstick cartoon series "Taffy" created by Cyber Group Studios and developed with Turner, Taffy: Feed the Kitty is a free-to-play casual puzzle game and a fun and delicious puzzle feast the whole family will love.
Scraggs was just a starving, trash-eating raccoon, until he conned his way into the mansion of super-rich Mrs. Muchmore… by disguising himself as a kitty cat named Taffy! Now the old lady is so enamored with the fake feline that she spoils him with ridiculous amounts of food. Everything would be perfect, if not for Bentley, Mrs. Muchmore's dog, who knows that behind Taffy's adorable eyes and sweet meows is a mangy raccoon. Bentley will stop at nothing to expose Taffy as the scavenging rodent he is, and all he has to do is deprive him of his red bowtie to get him kicked out of Muchmore Manor.
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Based on the animated series Taffy, which airs on Boomerang

The game features characters,

choices and situations from the cartoon. Fans of the cartoon will be in seventh heaven, but you don’t need to be familiar with the series to enjoy the game.

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Exciting puzzle gameplay

Each level feature a pinball-style game in which you shoot balls to smash obstacles and get food to feed Taffy. This is one hungry cat, so get ready to eat all you can!

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Download now:

7 Worlds and 100+

levels of gameplay

Each world is a room in

super-posh Muchmore Manor, and each level is a food-filled fiesta!

Family-friendly game

Suitable for all members

of the family, just like

the Taffy cartoon.

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