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We are a group of professionals, both in terms of game production and business management, and our experience harks back to the 90's, which is the beginning of Polish game dev.

We believe in a reliable and responsible company management that facilitates company development and a credible revenue system that stabilizes the company at its core. We believe that this can be achieved by realizing both projects for clients as well as work on our own IPs that will constitute our ambitious portfolio. We conduct our projects with the help of popular management tools, such as Jira, and we provide our team with the latest tools to deliver milestones with the highest attention to detail and know-how in the latest technologies.

Our BTC team is a group of professionals who all share their great passion for games and storytelling. Our mission is to inspire our players with games and stories that provide both compelling gameplay as well as fascinating characters and their adventures.

We believe in our first and most important rule, which is to create wonderful stories. Games are a wonderful medium that offer excitement, spur emotions and allow people to delve into manifold universes of stories and characters to join on their adventures. We wish to create a community of players who enjoy our games and wish to share their experiences with each other.

Our work ethos is that of collaboration and creativity. Discussions, ideas and exchange of opinions are of utmost importance to us. We strive to learn from each other and draw on each other's opinions. Thanks to this, we believe our games are raised to their full potential. Our team members are professionals in every meaning of the word, and we're immensely proud to be able to work with each other every day!

Our goal is to create entertaining and moving casual games. Let's explore our stories together.
We create global business and products.

BTC GROUP Team &B-)>

Jarosław modrzejewski


Robert Berliński


Adrian Smarzewski


marcin pasieczny


Piotr Łoś

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