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Sadie Sparks' Magic Match

Based on the animated series Sadie Sparks co-produced by Brown Bag Films (Ireland) and Cyber Group Studios (France), currently airing on Disney Channel, Cartoonito in Italy and Discovery Latin America, Sadie Sparks’ Magic Matchcombines 2D Match 3 gameplay with 3D hidden-object type puzzles in 360 view for a fun magical challenge. 
Sadie is just your average high-school girl who happens to be learning wizardry from a cranky magical rabbit named Gilbert. Whenever she’s not using magic to make her life easier (something Gilbert very much frowns upon), she’s working on assignments given to her by the Wardens of Wizardry, the latest of which will stretch her novice magic skills to their limits. Rifts between the human and magical worlds have opened up, and Sadie must find them and seal them to protect both realms from serious damage. To accomplish her mission, she’ll need to collect ingredients for magic potions and learn to cast a few spells.


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Based on the animated series Sadie Sparks, featured on Disney Channel

The game features characters, voices and situations from the cartoon. You’ll feel like you’re in the world of Sadie Sparks!

A mix of 2D and 3D gameplay

Look for hidden objects you’ll need to complete your mission by searching 3D rooms in 360 view. Collect ingredients for magic potions and crystals for magic spells by playing Match 3 puzzles.


Family-friendly game

Suitable for all members

of the family.

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