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House secrets: the beginning

What happens when you receive a mysterious package with a strange letter and dazzling crystals from another land? Lucy is an ordinary LA girl who suddenly discovers her heritage awaits her in Eastern Europe. So her journey begins with a mysterious package with stunning Crystals. She makes a surprising decision to travel to Europe and discover murky family stories. What awaits her in this old kingdom full of mysteries?
Discover the mysteries and join an exciting adventure into the unknown… Join Lucy in her journey through the dark corners of an abandoned land that lives its own life. Every corner has a secret. Lucy is on the way to explore the fantastic world of Mr Applebaum and his machines. Uncover the magical stories of House Secrets. 
House Secrets was released in October 2018 and it has been gaining its fan community ever since.


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Exciting story

Immerse yourself in the magical stories and play puzzles and mini games!

Stunning Hidden Object scenes

Discover the story by exploring beautiful Hidden Object scenes!


Family-friendly game

Suitable for all members

of the family.

Download now:
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